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Laser Patterning Machine based on IFOV(Synchronization) System


이 장비는 μ-Gan 모델로, Gantry system을 바탕으로 Scanner와 Stage가 동기화 되어 IFOV 모드로 동작하기 때문에 대면적인 1000mm x 1000mm 까지 가공 가능합니다.
  • Si/Glass Wafer, TGV, TSV, Interposer, Hole drilling, Si Stamping, 태양전지(Perovskite, CIGS 등)
  • 레이저 소스 : 355/532/1064 nm(나노/피코/펨토) 1개 선택가능
  • 스캐너 : 2D 스캐너
  • 동작 모드 : IFOV(Infinite field of view) 모드 동작
  • 스테이지 :
    스트로크 -> 최대 1000 mm (X) x 1000mm (Y) x 50mm (Z)
    Accuracy -> ≤± 0.5 um
    Repeatability -> ≤± 0.5 um
  • 크기 : 1800 mm x 1600 mm x 1650 mm (고객 요청에 따라 변경 가능)
  • 부속품 : 포함품목(집진기, 흡입컵, 검사용 광학계 등) (고객 요청에 따라 선택 가능)

IFOV System 구성


50mm parallel line
80mm parallel line

μ-Gan (Linear Gantry Stage System)

Laser / Wavelength Pulsed (Nanosecond / Picosecond / Femtosecond) / Single, Dual, Triple (1064nm / 532nm / 355nm)
Operation Mode Direct Write (Fixed Optic)
Travel Range 10mm2 x 10mm2 ~ 1500mm2 x 1500mm2 Linear Motion Stage (Depends on the requirement size)
Accuracy ±0.5μm
Repeatability ±0.5μm
Vision Alignment Off Axis Machine Vision System (1 Camera) Drawing pattern detection. Quality control, Pattern offset alignment.
This system is Laser patterning machine based on IFOV(synchronization)
Option Bessel Beam, Top Hat (Flat-top) Beam, Porous Ceramic Substrate Chuck (Vacuum Fix)
Supported Drawing Format DWG, DXF, JPEG
Application Solar Cell (Perovskite, OPV, CIGS) / DISPLAY (FPD, AMLCD) Glass / Wafer / Polymer / Thin metal
Dimension (W x D x H). Weight 1700 x 1600 x 1650(mm), 4t, Depending on the machining sample size
※ Alternative laser module for different wavelength , output power can be adapted depending on the applications